Thursday, January 19, 2017

In One Of The Documents, Sir Mark Allen, Mi6's Former Head Of Counter-terrorism, Tells A Libyan Intelligence Official That Mr Belhaj's Capture Had Been Possible Only Thanks To British Intelligence.

They started discouraging me a little bit, and then the security guards were kind of kicking me off the property, and telling me I can't sell candles in front of this store or that store. I really didn't know what to do. Newson found one temporary fix; she enlisted her mom's help and got a business license. After work one day my mom drove me, and we got all of our paperwork done. That was a relief, because now when I went back downtown to sell my candles, they would say, Hey, you need a permit to sell or you can't sell, and I would just whip it out like, 'Here, you see? You see?' However, by this time, Newson already had 20 trainees and the security guards' questions continued particularly downtown. But thats where she needed to be. In Detroit, downtown is where the money is. She needed a bigger solution. That came in the form of Quicken Loans founder, Dan Gilbert Gilbert is one of the big-name entrepreneurs who has been quietly helping to rebuild downtown Detroit .And, interestingly, it was solved by the exact thing that seemed to be her biggest challenge.

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In a statement, Mr Straw said: "At no stage so far have the merits of the applicant's case been tested before any court... "As foreign secretary I acted at all times in a manner which was fully consistent with my legal duties, and with national and international law. "I was never in any way complicit in the unlawful rendition or detention of anyone by other states." The justices also gave the green light to a related but separate case brought by a Pakistani man who says the UK illegally handed him over to US forces in Iraq. A government spokeswoman said it would consider the detail and implications of both rulings but it would be inappropriate to comment further because of the ongoing proceedings. Magna Carta Mr Belhaj, who was once regarded by Western intelligence services as a terrorism suspect, alleges he was questioned by British intelligence officers during his detention in Libya. His damages action is based on documents uncovered in Tripoli following the fall of Colonel Gaddafi. The papers show that, in 2004, MI6 communicated with the regime over the dissident's fate after he had fled the country to live in China. According to the papers, MI6 tipped off the Libyan regime and the couple were seized in Bangkok by US secret services. In one of the documents, Sir Mark Allen, MI6's former head of counter-terrorism, tells a Libyan intelligence official that Mr Belhaj's capture had been possible only thanks to British intelligence. Image caption Mr Straw denies any wrongdoing The government has neither confirmed nor denied whether the documents are genuine.

We believe many Democrats will want to be constructively involved as well, said Donohue, noting pointedly that 25 Democratic senators are up for reelection in 2018, many in states that Trump won handily. Donohue, a longtime Washington fixture, said the government could help drive growth this year by aiding the development of the countrys energy industry and investing more in roads, bridges, airports and other public works. Yet the Chamber of Commerce chief cautioned the incoming administration that erecting barriers to global trade would slow growth in 2017. He said the U.S. would lose out to rivals if it doesnt find other ways to achieve the same economic goals of the moribund Trans-Pacific Partnership. And he pointed to the importance of the 23-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement despite flaws. Remember that our trade with Canada and Mexico supports 14 million American jobs, he said. And much of that trade depends on NAFTA. Many foreign observers are especially keen to find out what Trump has in store after a campaign in which he harshly criticized both free-trade deals as costly millions of American jobs and damaging the U.S. economy. Norway and the U.S.

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